Francesco Lemma

Project Manager

Passion is the instinct that guides your hand on a white sheet facing a new challenge, it is the intuition that allows to the idea to express itself and the perseverance that make it real, it is the input that wakes you up during the night and makes you jot down sketches, forms, thoughts, dreams…. A project is basically a dream, a project that can be transformed into pragmatic forms.

Francesco began his career in Carmadesign in 1985. Intuition, passion, creativity, all qualities that allowed and still allow to him to design original exhibition, which perfectly meet customers’ needs. Motivated and patient, a lover of freehand design, Francesco coordinates and involves the team of designers by spreading them passion for this job and experience. His ability in problem solving, the deep understanding of all technical details, in every shade of the project, create that added value that Carmadesign offers to its customers.