Carlo Malerba

Architect Design Leader

He is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Turin and a member of the Registers of Architects in Turin, Madrid and Paris. Adjunct Professor in the academic year 2002/03.
Professor at the Master Exhibition of the Polytechnic University of Milan from 2007.
His business venture starts in the mid seventies, dedicating his professional activity to realizing coordinated image projects for industrial and commercial clients. He designs trademarks and corporate identity books for International companies.
He widens his design investigation by applying corporate identity rationale to the architecture of the industrial and commercial business premises, so that the visual aspect of the building is effective in communicating corporate identity.

From 1977 onwards he designs retail stores, the first is the teen-oriented “Yellow Submarine” in Via Roma, Turin.
The name Submarine was chosen to communicate the fact that the store extends below the basement, “underground”. This project effectively combined architecture with communication and promotion thus building a strong image for the business.

He up scales activities in response to growing business in 1985, by establishing Carmadesign. A melting pot of designers from various fields of expertise, that constitute an interdisciplinary team in which architecture, graphics, communication, personal experience and know-how can all work together creating something that is greater than the sum of all parts.
He works for international industrial groups and designs, supervises and realizes projects in Italy, Spain, England, Belgium, Brazil and China.
He enjoys taking part in regattas, loves cycling and he dedicates his scant spare time to travelling, painting, and papier mâché sculptures.
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Francesco Lemma

Project Manager

Francesco began his career in Carmadesign in 1985. Intuition, passion, creativity, all qualities that allowed and still allow to him to design original exhibition, which perfectly meet customers’ needs.

Cristiano Malerba

Executive Account & Senior Designer

Cristiano becomes part of Carmadesign in 1994. He begins in the world of photography, on fashion sets and in advertising campaigns.

Rustem Aliu


Rustem, graduated in Architecture in 2006, works with several architectural firms in Italy, until he arrives in Carmadesign in 2007.

Pedro Blázquez Espí


Pedro defines his passion for Architecture in this way. Pedro arrives in Turin in 2013, coming from Spain and he really wants to learn more.

Riccardo Brancaleone


Riccardo has grown in the Exhibition’s World. As a child he was breathless in front of every exhibition and events that his father’s showed to him.

Francesca Malerba


“My father always told me that people never truly cease to study, only a few years later i could understand that he was totally right.”

Andrea Racca


Born in 1989, raised in the '90s, graduated from the Polytechnic University of Turin with a master's degree in Architecture, Construction and City.

Elisa Bigando

Graphic Designer

Elisa, when was three years old, played with keys model of old Olivetti, discovering associations among forms and signs.

Roberto Guariniello

Graphic Designer

Lover of beauty and curious with everything, Roberto knows that enthusiasm for his own work is the energy to auto-stimulates, essential for the team and for the client.

Mohammad Forouzandeh

Graphic designer

Mohammad came to Italy from Iran in 2015. He has a Master of Arts in Painting. He is greatly interested and enthusiastic about the visual arts. His art works have been displayed in galleries and exhibits in Iran, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

Fabrizio Morra

Administration Finance

On 1982, Fabrizio obtains the Classical High school diploma, but he prefers numbers instead Greek and Latin languages. On 1987, he takes a degree on Torino Economy and Trade University with maximum honors. After two years, he becomes accountant.

Beatrice Cipriano

Administration Secretary

Beatrice is a student at Management and Economics’ University of Turin.
The employment at Carmadesign is her first job and especially for that reason is a source for professional and personal growth.


Our projects don’t follow a linear, “mathematical” approach, instead we apply a disjointed method, which might be slightly more complicated to manage but gives us the advantage of flexibility.
We don’t follow a rigorous guideline, in which every element is bound to it’s surroundings, instead, shifting our focus on disconnections, every element becomes a creative opportunity through an approach that disjoins it from its backdrop.
Each and every client, project and brief, each idea is “number one”, a single element that will be engaged independently, with the most appropriate design framework. The sum of these “number one” elements combines the different experiences and creates a versatile design resource pool. This process creates new discontinuity and that in turn multiplies our potential design approaches.
We take great care in the details and how they fit together, therefore by distinguishing and integrating the different elements, we tailor the approach for every single project we undertake.

Where we work

Turin, a magical city, is the primary source of our cultural background and inspiration, a fundamental and inherent influence on our work.
In 1563 Turin becomes the capital of the Duchy of Savoy, this is a period in time when the city starts growing and undergoes significant urban development.
In the following centuries, Turin experiences a period of thriving architectural development, it acquires the precision production methods essential to the grandiose Baroque style. Great names like Guarino Guarini and Filippo Juvarra live their most intense period of activity here. The designing of structures, the study of construction materials, the attention paid to chromatic combinations, all cooperate to create a deeply rooted, elegant and refined style that becomes one of the city’s distinguishing features.
In 1861 Turin becomes the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy.
In the early 1900s Turin becomes an industrial capital with the founding of FIAT. A company that, in the following years, will become the largest privately owned industrial company in Italy.
Turin, like a theatre, welcomes and embraces history and innovation, passion and rigor, culture and experimentation, local identity and Italianism.
The Alps, the breathtaking and reassuring landscape of the city, draw the eye in to a wider perspective. If you stand atop the Mole Antonelliana, the tallest brick building in Europe for a long time, and testament to man’s genius and ability to overcome obstacles, you may feel the desire to fly, forgetting that nothing is real if we do not build it.

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